Club Penguin: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal get together for a slamming comic-strip story from the dizzy heights of Penguin Island’s frozen peaks! In an amazing graphic format, get the never-before-told story of how our daring duo gained their powers and came together as an unstoppable baddie-busting team. How did Gamma Gal learn to shoot pink plasma? How does Shadow Guy transform into a shadow? And will Gamma Gal really have to take on a stampede of wild puffles? Discover the true identity of our snowy super-heroes in this awesome adventure!

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    It’s So So So So Keep Saying So For 5 Houres Good!!!!! It’s My New Favorute Book (Or Comic).

    7 April 2011

  • loved it

    my freind has it and it is cool i wish i had it

    1 April 2011

  • okay

    so bad

    16 March 2011

  • cool cool cool cool cool

    14 March 2011

  • loved it

    Its wicked i mean it!

    9 March 2011

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