Cows in Action: The Moo-lympic Games

The day has dawned for the greatest event in athletic history – the Olympic Games! But some terrible ter-moo-nators want to sabotage the event, and destroy cow history in the process. And when they kidnap Little Bo Vine and her brother Pat, whisking them back to Ancient Greece, it’s up to Professor McMoo to save his friends – and stop the ter-moo-nators in their tracks. Posing as gods, the evil ter-moo-nators are plotting to win every event at the games, and then take over the entire world! Now it’s up to our brave bovine heroes to defeat Moos and his team of well-trained Oxon – and claim Moo-lympic gold!

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    Steve Cole

    Steve Cole is the hilarious, best-selling author of Astrosaurs, Cows In Action and the brand new Slime Squad.

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