DC COMICS: Secret Hero Society #1: Study Hall of Justice

The epic DC superheroes – at school! If you’re into Jedi Academy, try this. Being the new kid at school is tough, even when you’re a budding superhero. Bruce Wayne struggles to fit in at the elite Ducard Academy: a prep school for gifted kids – and horrid bullies! The faculty actually seems to encourage nastiness. Still, Bruce makes friends with two other misfits: farm boy Clark Kent and the regal Diana Prince. They each have a secret. But they’re not alone. All the Ducard kids have hidden superpowers. What is the sinister faculty plotting?

  • Told in comic strips, doodles and journal entries
  • Created by an experienced comics dream team
  • Similar format to the bestselling Jedi Academy
  • By the authors of Batman: Li’l Gotham

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  • loved it

    I haven’t read it yet but I had a sneak peek of the book and it’s crazy awesome for all DC Comics geeks just like me.

    7 April 2016

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