Daddy Fartypants

PARP! TOOT! FAAAAART! Oh dear! Daddy Fartypants is a very windy bear. The worst thing is, he won’t even say sorry for his bottom blasts. He always blames someone else! His red-faced son is getting more and more embarrassed. He can’t take Daddy anywhere! But all that changes when Daddy meets his son’s lovely (and very windy) new teacher…

  • A laugh-out-loud picture book by top talent Emer Stamp
  • Emer wrote The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig
  • She won the 2018 Lollies Award for her latest Pig book
  • Hilariously yucky fun with a heartwarming sweet side

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  • Photo of Emer Stamp

    Emer Stamp

    Emer Stamp grew up on a farm in Devon before training in graphic design and becoming the Creative Director for the advertising agency behind the John Lewis Christmas adverts. The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig is her debut novel.


    Winner of the Laugh Out Loud Book Award for The Big, Fat Totally Bonkers Diary of Pig.

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