Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens

Daisy is going on holiday! In an actual plane to Spain! It’s so exciting! She’s never seen a palm tree before, or eaten octopus, or played zombie mermaids, or made so many new friends! The only trouble is that five of her new friends are teeny, cutesy, fluffy little kittens. And guess who wants to be their new English Mum? Oh no… Another laugh-out-loud adventure starring madcap Daisy – and her brand new fluffy friends!

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  • loved it

    I know I not 5 but this book is to good.

    Daisy has never been on holiday in an actual plane in the actual sky or flew in actual clouds. when her nanny and grampy came around she finally gets to know that she is going on holiday, because her nanny and grampy had some extra money that they didn’t need. So when she find out that she is going to spain she decides to tell her friends but she didn’t. On holiday when she arrived it was to hot everywhere even it the shade it was to hot for her. So when she arrives in her hotel she quickly undressed herself and put on her swimming costum. She was only in the pool for about 5 minutes and she had made lots of friends that when she was playing she accidently threw a frisbee over the fence and she and her friend went to get it and insted of the frisbee they found kittens.

    I am not going to say any more there is to much so i suggest you go and read it. i give this book 100/100

    14 March 2014

  • This book is really good I enjoyed it!

    4 March 2014

  • liked it

    I love to read this book before I go on aeroplane and airport cuz it makes me so excited. I’m 10 and read this book 12 times! It’s so good and I can only believe it has 4 starts it should have 11/10!!!!!!!!!! Love it ! And it’s so funny I got it for ‘2.81 used bit I don’t mind it cuz it’s so good!!!!!!

    21 February 2014

  • This book is about daisy going on holiday to Spain.

    4 March 2013

  • liked it

    It was really good.I love kittens.

    27 April 2010

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  • Awards

    Kes Gray has won the Lollies for Oi Dog!, the Red House Children’s Book Award for Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos, Eat Your Peas and Billy’s Bucket.

  • Photo of Nick Sharratt

    Nick Sharratt

    Nick Sharratt is one of the country’s favourite illustrators, with over 100 books to his name.


    Nick has won numerous awards for his picture books, including the Sheffield Children’s Book Award for A Cheese and Tomato Spider and the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for Elephant Wellyphant.

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