Danger is Still Everywhere: Beware of the Dog!

Survived the first book without dying of laughter? Bad luck: lightning DOES strike twice and peril is STILL everywhere. Yikes. “I dislocated my jaw laughing.” That’s what Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl, said about the first book. Hahaha ouch! Now Docter Noel Zone’s second handbook tells you everything you need to know about Dangerology (except the stuff he already told you in book one). The trouble is, he hasn’t written it yet. He’s very busy hiding in the wardrobe from a tiny dog named Napkin. Napkin may be small, but he is clearly VERY DANGEROUS, and he is wreaking HAVOC! Docter Noel would like his pet rock back now please…

  • A super-silly new handbook starring Docter Noel Zone
  • Written by stand-up comedian David O’Doherty
  • Everything you need to laugh like mad and stay alive
  • Full of daft advice, funny cartoons and silly scenarios

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  • I loved it. Funny and unpredictable, just like the previous book. 4.5 stars

    13 July 2016

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