Birdsong for teens: epic World War One romance that’s all heart, secrets and letters. First love amid the bloody thunder of battle. Two great things to know: this is the sequel to Dusk. And it’s squeaky clean, so your mum won’t hide it from you. October 1916. At Paddington Station in London, a young air force pilot frantically shows a girl’s portrait to passing crowds. Has anyone seen her? He is Sebastian Trewby, on leave from the war. She is Helen Sanford, a young nurse – the love of his life. Why has she disappeared? Sebastian must find Helen before he’s called back to fight. But in the chaos of wartime London, she could be anywhere. Has she been stolen away – or could she be hiding?

  • A powerful and moving First World War love story
  • The sequel to Dusk, which received huge acclaim
  • Eve Edwards also writes as Julia Golding/Joss Stirling
  • Her other books include The Diamond of Drury Lane

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