Dear Dumb Diary: Me (Just Like You, Only Better)

Dear Dumb Diary… I went five whole days without seeing or hearing from Angeline. I was beginning to get used to it. It’s true that I have learned to overlook many of Angeline’s flaws, like her flawlessness, but she can still be difficult to be around. Like when she’s lit perfectly, for example. To my extreme credit, I have learned to pretend to ignore Angeline’s failure to not be perfect.

Jamie Kelly is back with yet another wickedly funny diary, still trying to stand her ground against the irritatingly flawless Angeline! But she still has no idea that anybody is reading it. So please, please, PLEASE don’t tell her…

“What’s new, what’s cool: Dear Dumb Diary. You’ll laugh out loud at what this girl has to say.” Knight Ridder Tribune

“Told in knee-slapping diary entries… a wonderfully silly series.” The Barnes & Noble Review

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    Jim Benton

    Jim Benton is the US author and illustrator of the hugely popular Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary series.

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