Disney Twisted Tales: Frozen - Let It Go

Elsa is a young queen in trouble. Mysterious magic forms around her: cruel magic that could turn the world to snow and ice. She’s plagued by strange anxieties. Haunted by her fears, she’s slowly turning the whole world to winter. Everything will freeze to ice unless Elsa chills out. Luckily, we all know what happens next: Anna will melt Elsa’s frozen heart. But where is Anna? This time around, Anna and Elsa know nothing of each other. So how will Anna save the kingdom – and her sister?

  • A dazzlingly dark new take on the Frozen film story
  • From a series that reimagines favourite Disney tales
  • Daring and hugely imaginative – perfect for older fans
  • Printed on textured paper for an unusual vintage look

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  • I loved it. it was magical.

    26 June 2020

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