Doctor Hoof

Doctor Hoof, the new doctor in town, only wants to treat horses. A slight problem, since it’s a one-horse town – and that horse is Doctor Hoof! All his neighbours come to see him, hoping he can make them better. But he can’t treat them if they aren’t horses – or can he? As time passes, Doctor Hoof reluctantly finds himself taking on some non-horsey new patients – donkeys, dogs, rabbits and even big blue bears! Soon, he is surprised to find that HE is the one feeling ever so much better… Friendship really is the best medicine in this delightful tale about tolerance. Get a healthy dose of laughter!

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  • liked it

    Doctor hoof is a good book my little sister liked it.

    6 March 2014

  • my cousins loved it when they got it for there birthday!

    9 March 2013

  • I really like Doctor Hoof. He is kind and helpful, and I like all his animal friends, too!

    Joe, aged 4

    6 September 2011

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