Dora's Book of Manners

The feisty little Explorer teaches the Grumpy Old Troll some manners. We say: thank you, Dora! It’s not always easy to remember your manners. And saying sorry is one of the hardest things of all. The Grumpy Old Troll has been mean to his friend Mouse. Now he’s feeling bad. But what should he say? Don’t worry: Dora and Boots are here to help. From saying sorry to other big lessons about manners, Dora shares her handy advice.

Fun Stuff


  • Colour in Dora

    Here’s a picture of Dora for you to colour in.

    Download Colour in Dora
  • Dora Decorations

    Print out and colour this picture of Dora and friends. When you’ve finished you can cut out the picture and hang it on a ribbon to decorate your room.

    Download Dora Decorations

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