Dustbin Cat

In Billy’s town, stray cats are running wild and there’s growing pressure to exterminate them. So when he finds an injured cat and decides to help her, he has to be careful. However precious Conga may be to him, his dad would destroy her on sight. Before long, even kids are out on the streets taking pot-shots at the strays. Now it’s up to Billy and his friends to confront the cat killers, and find a safe haven for creatures like Conga… A stirring and powerful tale of a boy, a cat and a special friendship in a time of trouble, from the acclaimed author of Dog Lost.

Praise for Dog Lost:

“A tough book and a tender book and one I shan’t forget.” Michael Morpurgo

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  • loved it

    I was in tears reading this book! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

    24 March 2018

  • I loved this book but before I even read the 2nd chapter I was in tears! That nasty boy at the start should got to jail for Animal crulty!

    19 April 2012

  • loved it

    i am reading it now in 1 day i read 3 chapters

    its fantastic! :)

    3 January 2012

  • I liked the book because it was about helping animals and I love animals. I think this book is for boys and girls between 7-10 who like animals but for 9+ to read on their own. Billy was the main character, he rescued Conger from under the wood boards in the path. Then he looked after Conger and they had lots of adventures.

    Kloe, age 9

    A lovely story of the friendship between a boy and a cat, and the boy’s fight to save the stray cats in his town. This story really grabs the emotions and makes you think about the way we treat other living things.

    Katherine, age 9

    24 February 2011

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  • Ingrid Lee

    Ingrid Lee is the author of Dog Lost.

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