Ellie May Would Like to Be Taken Seriously for a Change

Ellie May is an incredibly famous child film star! She gets to sign autographs and go shopping in posh stores, and she even has her very own chaperone to look after her. Hooray! But even a kid in a fantasy world sometimes wants to do something real, and Ellie May has a very serious side. She loves nature. She has a bag decorated with butterflies. And she finds it amazingly amazing that butterflies turn into caterpillars. Yay! Which is why she is helping her new friend Lettice to save a nature reserve. She’s never saved anything before – but it can’t be that hard! Can it? A hilarious and touching story starring a fluff-brained, winsome heroine on a quest to find her hidden depths!

“This book made me laugh out loud. Ellie May rocks!” Andy Stanton, author of the Mr Gum books

“Superbly quirky and amusing… clever and witty.” Konnie Huq, star of Blue Peter and the Xtra Factor

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  • loved it

    Ellie May really wants to be taken seriously for a change but can she help lettice or not! This is a really interesting book i loved it I reaaly want the over Ellie May book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15 February 2014

  • very good!

    8 March 2013

  • I love this book!! Ellie May Rocks!!

    20 October 2012

  • liked it

    This book was awsome and it was amazing at the same time

    19 October 2012

  • Yes definatly it is for me

    4 October 2012

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