Emily Sparkes and the Friendship Fiasco

Cathy Cassidy loves it: what more do you need to know? Friendships, fallouts and truly massive laughs! What’s more shaming than hitching a lift in a Noddy car? Riding in a bright pink camper van. (Smells like mushrooms. Looks like Barbie.) This awful van belongs to total loser Gross-Out Gavin. Emily is paired with him for an entire school trip! It’s just the latest crisis in her life, since her best friend moved away and her parents had a baby named Yoda. Emily’s got to escape Gavin. Plus, she needs a new best friend. So when Chloe turns up, Emily knows it’s destiny. They’re fated to be besties. Right?

  • First in a funny series about school, family and friends
  • “Lots of fun and a really cool read!” – Cathy Cassidy
  • This series debut is already getting rave reviews
  • Great if you like Jacqueline Wilson or Dork Diaries

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  • loved it

    This is a fabulous imaginative book and is so easy to read and humorous too. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a taste for funny but girlie books

    2 February 2019

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