Encyclopedia Horrifica

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The paranormal encyclopedia that goes where others don’t! Vampires, ghosts, monsters, aliens and close encounters of the third kind. Look them up in the Encyclopedia Horrifica! Strange scratch marks on the church door. Photographs of aircraft taken before aircraft were invented. Ghosts of the dead attending their own funerals. Real-life vampire sightings. The chilling truth about the real Count Dracula’s missing corpse. No other reference book includes them. Only this one – the world’s best encyclopedia of grim, ghoulish, creepy, freaky things!

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  • liked it

    This is a really funny look at the world of horror, but it is also very interesting.

    11 October 2011

  • rubbish

    I think this book is rubbish because the storyline isn’t that great and it’s scary. ONLY 1 star!

    1 March 2011

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