Everyday Angel Bind-Up

The dreamy trilogy! Being a trainee guardian angel is no picnic. Will Aria make the grade and earn her wings? Aria is special. She can use her shadow like a door, to travel from place to place. She can dream things into existence. She can see when certain people need help. And she’s training to be a fully fledged guardian angel! To get qualified, she must find and guide three different girls – Gabby, Caroline and Mikayla – through each of their problems. But helping with things like family and friends is no easy feat, even for Aria. She’s going to need every jot of her magical powers…

  • The first three books from this one-of-a-kind series
  • Collected together in a glorious three-in-one volume
  • Enchanting tales about a magical girl like no other
  • By the #1 bestselling author of Shades of Magic

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