Brutally brilliant. Teen joyrider Martin just lost his pretty face. Is it a chance to find his conscience? Good-looking and cocky, Martin is no angel. But when he’s mutilated in a joyriding smash, he ends up looking more like the devil. How will his mates treat him now? What about girls? People can hardly even stand to look at him. The East End hasn’t changed, with its chip shops, curry houses and rap clubs. But for the first time ever, Martin is being forced to look deep inside. And he’s starting to see that when people sneer at his broken face, they’re doing just what his own gang always did to the local blacks and Asians…

  • A groundbreaking novel by poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Written in taut, snappy prose that’s at once punchy and highly readable
  • A raw and thought-provoking look at identity, disfigurement and prejudice
  • Benjamin Zephaniah’s other books include Refugee Boy and Gangsta Rap

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