Fly Guy Presents: Bats

Bats: they’re the second-coolest flying things in the sky (after ones that buzz loudly and sit on your lunch). Fly Guy’s bat facts will get you in a flap! Hurray: it’s a great new nature field trip with Buzz and Fly Guy. Packed with colour pictures, jokes and tell-all-your-mates facts. Take a look inside a very dark cave and say hello to the bats! These funny little guys do everything the wrong way round. They sleep upside down. They snooze all day and play at night. And they use their ears, not their eyes, to find their way around. So while you look at them, they listen out for you!

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  • Tedd Arnold

    Tedd Arnold is a bestselling author and illustrator, with nearly fifty books to his name. He lives with his family in New York.

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