Fly Guy Presents: Castles

Here it is! The buzzing new Fly Guy book on castles: the topic that all you fans voted for! Fact: there are only two kinds of people in the world. People who own castles, and people who wish they did. (That’s why kids across the USA voted castles as the subject for this new Fly Guy book.) But if you don’t yet own a castle, don’t get jealous. Peek inside! You don’t need to scale the walls. Just zoom in through the keyhole with Fly Guy. What can you spy with your little fly’s eye? Drawbridges and dungeons. Kings, queens and knights. Feasts and jousts and suits of armour. Wouldn’t you live here if you could?

  • A quirky Fly Guy fact-finding mission into castles
  • Exciting mix of colour cartoons, photos, facts and jokes
  • Fly Guy fans voted for castles as their favourite topic
  • New York Times bestselling series that children adore

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