Fly Guy Presents: Why, Fly Guy? A BIG Question and Answer Book

Does finding out about your world get you buzzing? Zoom off on a journey of discovery with the ever-curious Fly Guy! Why do flies buzz? Why do cats climb trees, when they’re rubbish at getting back down? Why do elephants have trunks? Why do people have stinky feet? Answer all your questions with this bumper Q&A book, which includes science projects and fun activities. There are colour photos, cool Fly Guy comic strips and plenty of daft jokes to bring the facts alive. After all, if you’re learning, why not have a laugh at the same time?

  • A bumper book of fantastic facts from a best-loved series
  • Engaging, funny Q&As on popular topics that kids love
  • Illustrated with colour photos and appealing comic strips
  • Durable hardback with an eye-catching holographic cover

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