Fly Guy #17: Fly Guy's Big Family

Fly Guy loves hanging out with Buzz, but he misses his own family. So when Fly Guy’s not looking, Buzz decides to throw him a surprise party! That means inviting Fly Guy’s whole family – all his brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. Plus his mum and dad of course! Soon the place is absolutely buzzing. Will Fly Guy guess what’s going on? Tip: if you spot a huge swarm of flies, don’t swat them! They might be the guests at this gigantic party…

  • A hilarious hardback reader with full-colour pictures
  • Explores themes of family, friendship and kindness
  • The perfect first story for newly emerging readers
  • Fantastic colour artwork and very simple words

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  • Tedd Arnold

    Tedd Arnold is a bestselling author and illustrator, with nearly fifty books to his name. He lives with his family in New York.

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