Fred, Wizard in Training #2: Wizard in Trouble!

Meet Fred, the world’s worst wizard! He might look like an ordinary boy. But it just so happens that he can do magic! Or can he? The truth is (whisper it), that Fred is completely, mind-boggingly rubbish at his spells! So now he’s training with the great wizard Merlin, hoping to finally master some skills. But when an ancient magical book is stolen and Merlin goes missing, it’s up to Fred to solve the baffling mystery and find him. OK, his magic skills are still terrible. Luckily, magic isn’t always the answer…

  • A story of magic, mystery and finding your talents
  • By the acclaimed author of You Must Bring a Hat
  • Hilarious, heartwarming fiction full of child-appeal
  • All the fun of The Worst Witch for a new generation

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