Game On! 2017

Built by gamers for gamers! (It’s no game. It’s serious.) Beat the games that matter even harder than you already do. How tough do you feel? Are you ready to utterly crush the games you love? Then you need the all-new 2017 Game On. Stuffed with rankings, Top 50 lists, play tips, screenshots, previews, trophies and interviews from top YouTube stars. Finally – the answer to that tricky dilemma: what to do when you’re not gaming. If it’s hot, new and wearing your thumbs to the bone in 2017, it’s in here. Beat the curve.

  • The ultimate full-colour guide to 2017’s top gaming trends
  • LEGO Dimensions, No Man’s Sky, Minecraft Story Mode
  • Interviews with Stampy and other top gaming superstars
  • From the publishers of Play mag, X-ONE and games™

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