Geronimo Stilton Heromice #1: Mice to the Rescue!

It’s brave heromice vs stinky sewer rats in this super new series for Geronimo! Who will triumph? Fur is going to fly… You’ve heard of Superman. Now it’s time for Super Stilton. Yup: your favourite mouse is back in a superhero role. His trademark green suit is gone, replaced by a fetching full-body green leotard: much more suitable for fighting global crime! But is Geronimo super enough to defend Muskrat City from the nasty Sewer Rats? Especially when a blackout hits, and Geronimo ends up facing the scariest villain of all time!

  • A hilarious new superhero role for Geronimo Stilton
  • Thrilling adventure with full-colour artwork right through
  • Fun text design with highlighted words to boost vocabulary
  • Bestselling series which quickly builds reading confidence

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