Goosebumps: HorrorLand: The Horror at Chiller House

The final book in the spine-tingling HorrorLand series! All the kids who brought a souvenir back from HorrorLand thought they were getting a free gift. They thought wrong. Now Jonathan Chiller has summoned them back to HorrorLand to collect payment. The only way for them to escape this terror is by winning a sinister scavenger hunt. Little do they know that they’ll be competing against six very familiar – and very evil – villains! Will anyone make it out of HorrorLand alive?

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  • this book is really good

    6 March 2013

  • loved it

    Greatest of all the goosebumps series. Still scary because of all the scary clues! Jonathan Chiller is freaky

    15 October 2012

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