Green Wilma, Frog in Space

Green Wilma is so determined to catch a tasty fly that she doesn’t notice a family of intergalactic visitors to her pond! In a case of mistaken identity, the alien parents beam Wilma onto their spaceship, while leaving their child, Blooger, behind. Poor Blooger is stuck on the bewildering planet Earth. Meanwhile, poor Wilma is hungry and confused – though also having the ride of her life! Will the two be able to switch back in time for supper? Two little green creatures trade places in this warp-speed comedy from Tedd Arnold, the Geisel Honor-winning author of Hi! Fly Guy.

“To say that the pictures complement the text is like declaring that the Sun complements the Earth. Children will adore Wilma.” School Library Journal

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  • Tedd Arnold

    Tedd Arnold is a bestselling author and illustrator, with nearly fifty books to his name. He lives with his family in New York.

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