Think a tale of rival funeral homes can’t be quirky, charming or funny? When it’s by genius Kate Klise, it’s all that and more. Dolly is twelve. Her brother, sister and father have just died in a plane crash. Her world is rocked by the dramatic changes in her life. Left without an income, her grieving mother takes a job as a hairstylist at the local funeral home. Feeling as close to the dead as the living, Dolly is happy to lend a hand. But then a rival crematorium opens in their tiny Missouri town. Can Dolly save the beloved funeral home which has brought so much comfort to her?

  • A moving, quirky and refreshing tale of life and death
  • By the gifted author of Homesick and Far From Normal
  • “Dark humor melds with genuine pathos” – Booklist
  • “Will leave readers with much to think about” – SLJ

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