Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory

Join the gutsy guinea pigs in a squeak-tastic second adventure! Fuzzy, Coco and their fluffy friends must stop a beastly builder who wants to use his huge digger to destroy their woodland home. But how? No one can agree on how to deal with the problem. Terry wants to spread the word online. Eduardo thinks a protest song will do it – and Coco just wants to get started! Then they meet Olaf the Viking: a guinea pig extraordinaire. At over 1000 years old, maybe he’ll know some ancient battle tactics that will help them win a Viking victory. One thing is certain; they need to get a move on. The digger is nearly at the copse…

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  • its fummy when sunntbeam fates its all about a bulider who bupred and it smelled like sausige samwichges and if you like animals you will like this book

    8 March 2015

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    Winner of the 2014 Red House Book Award (Younger Readers) for Atticus Claw Breaks the Law.

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