Harry the Poisonous Centipede

Harry is a poisonous centipede, but he’s not very brave. He likes to eat things that wriggle and crackle, and things that are juicy and munchy! But there are some things that a poisonous centipede must never try to eat – dangerous things like flying swoopers, belly wrigglers, furry biters and (scariest of all)... the dreaded Hoo-Mins! A deliciously squirmy story set in a thrilling world of minibeasts, written by celebrated author Lynne Reid Banks.

  • Winner of the 1996 Nestle Smarties Prize
  • A timeless classic full of humour and imagination
  • Shows the familiar world from a unique perspective
  • By the acclaimed author of The Indian in the Cupboard

“Rockets along on hundreds of legs… Bug fans will love this.” Kidstuff School Books RTE Guide

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  • Awards

    Lynne won the Nestle Smarties prize for Harry the Poisonous Centipede in 1996.

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