Hello Kitty Dress Up Sticker Book

Hello Kitty is celebrated for her sense of style – and now you can get into her wardrobe! Sweet, sassy, quirky or cool: mix and match all sorts of looks with reusable easy-peel stickers. Containing over 80 stickers showing different parts of Kitty’s outfits, from sandals, bows and belts to dresses and pretty tunics, this fantastic book lets you take control and decide how she should look! Whether you want to play it cool, glam up or win hearts with a super-cute ensemble, now you can dress Hello Kitty in your favourite outfits, and add sticker details to each scene. There are no right or wrong answers, so let your imagination run wild! And if you want a brand new look, just peel off the stickers and use them all over again!

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    this book is very entertaining because it’s really funny and it’s hello kitty

    12 January 2013

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    Because we thnink that it us si great for they

    12 March 2011

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