Here in the Real World

Ware wants to spend summer in his own fantasy world, generally being left alone. Instead, he’s being sent to the dreaded Rec camp, to do whatever activities so-called ‘normal’ kids do. On his first day Ware meets Jolene: a tough, moody girl planting a garden in a ruined church. Before long Ware is skipping Rec, creating his own ‘castle’ in the church lot. Ware is the dreamer. Jolene keeps things real. Who’s right? Well – they have to unite! When the precious lot is threatened, it’s up to them to save it. But this is the real world, not a fairytale story. Can two misfit kids fight grown-up forces? And what does a real-life hero even look like?

  • A tale of misfit kids fighting greed and corruption
  • By the highly acclaimed author of the bestseller Pax
  • A gorgeously moving ode to introverts and dreamers
  • This rich story unfolds quietly but leaves a big impact

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  • Awards

    Sara Pennypacker has won a number of awards for her Clementine books, including a Boston Globe/Horn Book Honor.

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