If you loved War Horse, don’t miss this gripping World War Two story of a foal with a heroic destiny. It’s 1940. Bombs are starting to drop on London. As the danger grows, Dodo and her little brother Wolfie are sent off to the countryside. Will they ever see their real home again…? Hero is an orphaned foal who is also lonely and homesick. When he meets Dodo and Wolfie, he knows they’re exactly the friends he needs. As Dodo and Wolfie train Hero and learn to ride him, suddenly life feels rich and exciting again. But the shadow of war is still growing, and soon Hero must live up to his name…

  • By the acclaimed author of Soldier Dog and Captain
  • A stirring tale of war, friendship, courage and hope
  • Epic tale of evacuees and the role of animals in war
  • Soldier Dog won the 2013 North East Book Award

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  • This looks really emotional in a good way

    26 March 2017

  • loved it

    This is a really good book and i totally recommend it

    15 December 2016

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  • Awards

    Sam Angus won the 2013 North East Book Award for Soldier Dog.

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