Holly Webb Animal Stories #45: The Story Puppy

Share a story with this cutie! A cuddly tale of reading and pups by an author you love. Jack is having a hard time at school, struggling with his reading. But one day, he visits the animal shelter with his sister and spots a nervous puppy called Daisy. He sits next to her as he practises his reading. And it helps! They seem to calm each other down. So Jack keeps going to visit Daisy, reading stories to her. She’s getting braver, and Jack wishes he could adopt her. But when a family shows an interest in the little pup, will Jack lose his furry friend?

  • Heartwarming young animal fiction from Holly Webb
  • Holly’s animal stories have sold over a million copies
  • From a bestselling series for newly confident readers
  • For fans of Zoe’s Rescue Zoo and Magic Animal Friends

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  • Photo of Holly Webb

    Holly Webb

    Holly is the best-selling author of lots of brilliant books including the Molly’s Magic, Animalmagic and Rose series.

  • Sophy Williams

    Sophy Williams was short-listed for the Mother Goose Award for her first book, ‘When Grandma Came’ by Jill Paton-Walsh, and since then has illustrated numerous other celebrated titles. She lives near Bath with her husband and two sons. ‘[Sophy] knows how to create atmosphere and drama . . . masterly’ – Mother Goose Award Panel.

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