How I Became a Pirate

When Braid Beard and his pirate crew invite Jeremy Jacob to join their voyage, he jumps right aboard! Buried treasure, sea shanties, pirate talk – who wouldn’t go along? Soon Jeremy is acting just like a pirate should, hollering like thunder, throwing his food across the table and his manners to the wind. It’s the heave-ho, blow-the-man-down, very best time of his life! Until he finds out what pirates DON’T do. No reading bedtime stories, no tucking kids in… Maybe being a pirate isn’t so great after all! Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David Shannon teams up with witty storyteller Melinda Long in this hilarious look at the finer points of pirate life.

“Caldecott Honor-winner Shannon spices up this spirited pirate tale with vivid, appropriately zany acrylics.” Child Magazine

“Long’s dry, tongue-in-cheek humor serves as an ideal springboard for Shannon’s gleefully madcap illustrations.” Publishers Weekly starred review

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  • David Shannon

    Caldecott Honor winner and ‘New York Times’ best-seller, David Shannon is the author / illustrator of the popular DAVID series, ‘No, David!’, ‘David Goes to School’ and ‘David Gets Into Trouble’.

    He was inspired to write his DAVID titles after his mother sent him a book he wrote as a little boy. It was illustrated with drawings of David doing all sorts of things he wasn’t supposed to do, and the text consisted entirely of the words ‘no’ and ‘David’!

    Once you step in to the ages of ‘David Gets in Trouble’ you’ll discover Shannon hasn’t slipped too far from this winning formula of his youth.


    David Shannon was awarded a Caldecott Honor for the bestselling No, David!

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