How to Avoid a Wombat’s Bum

Did you know that goldfish can get carsick? That astronauts can’t burp in space? That the Queen learned to curtsey perfectly before she was even two years old? That tablecloths were originally invented to wipe your fingers on? (Tell that to your mum!) That peanuts are an ingredient of dynamite? Or that you should never chase a wombat – unless you want to smash your face to bits on its bum? The king of funny facts, Mitchell Symons, is back with a book of even more totally addictive trivia which will amaze your teacher, impress your friends and have you hooked for days!

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    Mitchell Symons

    Mitchell Symons writes jaw-dropping, fact-packed books about the weird and wonderful world of trivia, and has twice won the prestigious Blue Peter award for Best Book with Facts.


    Mitchell Symons has twice won the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts, for Why Eating Bogeys is Good For You and Do Igloos have Loos?.

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