How to Hide a Lion at Christmas

Iris and her lion go everywhere together. Iris even takes him to school. But when the family go away for Christmas, Mum says the lion must stay behind. After all, you can’t take a lion on a train. What would the other passengers say? But Iris knows it won’t feel like Christmas without her lion. And the lion knows he’ll feel sad every day without Iris. So he sets off on a snowy journey to find her. But who is that jolly fellow with the red clothes and the big, bumpy sack?

  • The fourth heartwarming tale about Iris and her lion
  • A classic Christmas adventure full of snowy surprises
  • The first book was nominated for the Greenaway Medal
  • By the acclaimed creator of Fleabag and The Night Iceberg

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  • Awards

    Helen Stephens won the Dundee Children’s Book Award for Fleabag and the Rotherham Children’s Book Award for How to Hide a Lion.

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