How to Speak Spook (and Stay Alive)

Makes you laugh, turns your knees to jelly and teaches you ghost speak. It’s a no brainer. There’s nobody like Ally Kennen for spooky mixed with funny. You know how it is: you’re too busy laughing to call an exorcist. What’s your excuse for zoning out in class? Donald has a good one: he’s chatting to ghosts. He often fixes minor ghostly problems, like ridding the local food store of ghoulish undead fish. Most of the spooks just want a nice cosy chat. But now some sort of ancient monster ghost is causing big trouble. Talking? No thanks. Being evil and scary is more its thing.

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    Ally Kennen

    Ally Kennen grew up in an isolated farm on Exmoor, with no flushing toilet, dead tadpoles in the taps, and annual rat infestations. Throughout her childhood the farm was a foster home to many children and teenagers. Ally has worked as a classroom assistant, nursery nurse, museum guard and archaeologist.


    Ally Kennen won the Manchester Book Award for her first novel Beast, and both the Leicester Book of the Year and North East Book Award for Beserk.

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