Humphrey's Tiny Tales: My Playful Puppy Problem!

Humphrey the hamster loves to help out, but finds his tiny paws full when a playful puppy keeps ruining Richie’s science fair project! It’s not the science that’s the problem – it’s Richie’s eager puppy, who just can’t stop bouncing around and ruining all their hard work! How can Humphrey stop him? He’s only a small hamster, after all! Then Humphrey has a GREAT idea – but will he be able to pull it off in time? It’s a fur-raising adventure for the whole classroom: can a tiny hamster keep a leaping puppy under control? Another fantastic story for little fans with smaller paws!

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  • i want to read that book

    6 March 2013

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    A great mini book about Humphrey the lovable hamster. Well worth a read if you enjoyed the other books about him.

    5 March 2013

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  • Photo of Betty G. Birney

    Betty G. Birney

    Betty G. Birney is author of the much-loved World According to Humphrey books.


    The Humphrey books have won several awards in the US, including the Christopher award for Friendship According to Humphrey and many children’s choice awards.

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