I'll Wait, Mr Panda

A nifty apron! A penguin! A lesson in manners! What’s our panda chef baking? Wait and see! Say hello to Mr Panda: a cuddly bear with a sweet centre. Today he’s cooking a yummy surprise. But what? The animals must wait and see. Trouble is, waiting is BORING. Only one little penguin is polite enough to stick around. Could you be like him? We hope so. Because good manners can bring you all sorts of nice rewards. In this case, a yummy… Oh, hang on. That would be telling.

  • The funny sequel to the bestselling Please Mr Panda
  • Panda is “a new pre-school politeness tsar” – The Times
  • A cuddly manners lesson with gorgeous illustrations
  • By a Kate Greenaway Medal nominated artist

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  • Awards

    Steve Antony won Oscar’s Book Prize for his debut The Queen’s Hat.

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