Aw! This magical ink splot is just as cute as he looks – and everyone wants a piece of him! Ethan’s class are doing a project to create a graphic novel, and Ethan is dreading it. His dad might be a famous illustrator, but Ethan can’t draw to save his life. That is, until Ethan opens his sketchbook one morning and a blob of magical ink leaps out! Who is Inkling? He’s all things to all people. To Ethan’s little sister, he’s Lucy, her beloved dog. To his dad, he’s a second chance at a dwindling career. To friends and enemies alike, he’s a way to ace tests and create bestselling comic books. But to Ethan, Inkling is his friend – and he’s in danger. Will Ethan be able to save him?

  • A wonderfully inventive fantasy by a top Canadian writer
  • Blends magic with everyday life in a witty, surreal way
  • Kenneth Oppel is the bestselling author of The Nest
  • His many awards include the Michael L. Printz honors

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