Is Everyone Ready for Fun?

Are you ready for fun? And a little lesson in manners? Join these naughty cows, who think it’s funny to jump all over the couch. (Wrong.) Usually it’s great to have visitors. But only when they behave. Chicken has his feathers ruffled when some merry cow visitors turn up with exciting plans for FUN. They’re dancing and jumping all over his couch. Chicken is not at all pleased. But you’ll be laughing out loud as he shows them who really rules the roost.

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    Jan Thomas

    Jan Thomas is the creator of Rhyming Dust Bunnies, Can You Make A Scary Face?, and Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny. She lives with her family in Socorro, New Mexico.


    Jan Thomas has won a number of awards for her picture books, including a Kirkus Best Book of 2009 for Rhyming Dust Bunnies.

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