Key Hunters #1: The Mysterious Moonstone

Thrills galore! A stolen jewel. A missing friend. A story that’ll trap you inside it… What’s more exciting than a great book? A great book that comes to life! Cleo and Evan’s dangerous books swallow you up into their stories. But beware! Lose your way and you’ll never get out! Now the latest book in their secret library takes them back to 19th century England. A priceless jewel has been stolen! They’ve got to help a rookie detective solve this gripping mystery, and find the culprit in a mansion full of suspects. But if they fail, they’ll be trapped there forever...

  • Gripping fantasy where a mystery story comes alive
  • The perfect adventure for kids who love reading
  • Action-packed detective story full of twists and turns
  • Time-travel, mystery and humour in one great book

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