Kizzy Ann Stamps

Being the odd one out is never easy. It’s 1963, and Kizzy Ann is about to start as one of the first black students at an integrated school. She worries about the colour of her skin, the scar running from the corner of her right eye to the tip of her smile, and whether the white kids will like her. Her brother, James, is having a horrible time at his school, and the annoying white neighbour boy won’t leave her alone. Meanwhile, her beautiful border collie is her great refuge and friend. Kizzy Ann knows he would be great in the dog trials – but will they allow a black girl’s dog to enter?

“Hurray for Kizzy Ann! This funny, no-bow, dirt-on-her-hands, dog-with-her girl will lead you through her unforgettable experience as one of the first black students at the integrated school in her Virginia town.” Meg Medina

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