LEGO® Star Wars™: Free the Galaxy (Level 2)

Rebel starship pilot Hera rocks the LEGO® look in green. Rocket-boost your reading. Think all LEGO® heroes are small and yellow? Wrong. Not in the Star Wars galaxy. Here’s the proof: a simple colour easy-reader which shows that courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Meet the greatest warriors in the galaxy! There are old faces, like Yoda and Chewbacca. Plus brave new rebels like Ezra Bridger and Hera Syndulla. Learn about their quests, and take a special look at the Jedi starfighters. You’ll even peek into Luke’s diary!

  • LEGO® colour reader celebrating Star Wars rebels
  • Meet rebels old and new, from Chewbacca to Hera
  • Quick-glance hero profiles plus narrative sections
  • Explore a Starfighter diagram and read Luke’s diary

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