Let's Find Fred

Huggable spotting fun. We’re going on a panda hunt! Welcome to the cutest hide-and-seek game on the planet. Fred the panda has sneaked off for some fun! When Stanley the zookeeper comes to say goodnight and tuck him into bed, he can’t find Fred. Where could he be? Is Fred hiding at the market? Playing in the park? Going on rides at the funfair? Or busting a move at a black-and-white ball? Laugh out loud as our huggable hero tries to hide on every page. Can you find him? Or will his wiggly eyes spot you first…?

  • Utterly cute spotting featuring an adorable new hero
  • Novelty cover with wiggle eyes, plus a fold-out finale
  • Bold graphic artwork from rising star Steven Lenton
  • Very simple first spotting full of charm and humour

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  • Awards

    Winner of the Sainsbury’s Book Award for The Nothing To See Here Hotel.

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