Little Deer Lost

Silver and Sparkle are so excited! They’re playing in the snow for the first time. The whole world looks so beautiful and clean that Sparkle thinks it’s like walking in the clouds! The curious little deer create snow patterns, and have fun sliding down the snowy hill. But everything looks the same coated in a glittering white blanket – and soon these little fawns are lost! Marvel at the beauty of the snowy moonlit landscape, and sigh with pleasure as these baby deer get a heartwarming surprise. A gentle, reassuring tale of being lost and found, with captivating illustrations by a Kate Greenaway Medal nominee.

Praise for Night Light, Sleep Tight:

“Bright, bold illustrations and lots of sparkly stars will make this a favourite.” Daily Mail

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  • I laughed and laughed and laughed when the snow fell on Silver’s head! My favourite bit was when they snuggled up with mummy at the end.

    Leah, age 3

    18 October 2011

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  • Janet Bingham

    Janet Bingham is the author of My Little Star, A New Home for Little Fox and Goodnight, Magic Moon. She lives in Cambridgeshire.

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