Little Red Robin #3: How Bobby Got His Pet

Our brand new story series for you little ‘uns. The funniest fiction to shiver your timbers. Little Red Robin is our new way to get small people like you excited about reading on your own. Colour pics, funny stories: we’ve made this series all-round great! In this book, Bobby is tired of moving house all the time. He wishes he had a pet: a furry friend he could take with him wherever he went. When he meets a little black kitten, Bobby know he’s simply got to keep him…

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  • Bobby loved pets either cat or dog but Bobby’s parents do not like pets They went to Mrs Upguffy’s farm house and there were many kitten’s in the farm house and Mrs Upguffy wanted to offer bobby a kitten but the mum refused.the mum said he can see the kitten’s after School

    1 July 2014

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