Llamas Go Large: The Team with a World Cup Dream

Who are you betting on for World Cup glory? Italy? France? Or Llama United? Don’t laugh! The llamas have gone from strength to strength since their first Cup win. (Or actually, do laugh. That’s what this book’s all about.) Sadly, while the llamas have won fame and fortune, the England football team isn’t having much luck of late. Now the World Cup is looming, and their manager is desperate to find a magic ingredient to beat their bitter rivals. Could the llamas be the players for the job?

  • More fun with the team with an impossible dream!
  • Written by professional sports writer Scott Allen
  • Ideal for fans of David Walliams and Roald Dahl
  • The first Llama United book was an instant hit

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  • Awards

    Sarah Horne was won the Surrey Libraries and Dundee Children’s Book Awards for illustration.

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