Madeline Series: Madeline

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.

Miss Clavel oversees the education of twelve little girls, the littlest of whom is the mischievous Madeline. Usually Madeline is fearless, but today something’s not right. She’s been up all night crying and Doctor Cohn tells her that she’s got appendicitis! Her friends are upset when she goes to hospital to have her appendix out – but they cheer up when see her impressive scar and all her lovely get well gifts! The small but feisty heroine, Madeline, and her charming Parisian world have been loved by children and adults alike for decades.

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    Ludwig Bemelmans

    Ludwig Bemelmans was a prolific and imaginative author and illustrator, best known for his classic Madeline books.


    Ludwig Bemelmans was awarded a Caldecott Honor Award, an award that recognizes the artists of distinguished American children picture books.

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