Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon

This sparkly dragon has charmed us all to bits. Which is perfect, because he needs a friend… Twinkly foil, a winsome hero and pictures by the artist of Welcome to Alien School. A picture book that really stands out. Marmaduke doesn’t fit in. His scales are too big. His ears are too droopy. And his wings are… well, that would be telling! He’s also a lot cuter than the other dragons. (Well, we think so anyway.) Marmaduke likes to hide away. He’s scared of sticking out. But one day he dares to be different. And that’s when he finds the perfect friend…

  • Adorable picture book with a sparkly foiled cover
  • Reassuring story about self-acceptance and friendship
  • Beautifully illustrated by the ever-popular Ed Eaves
  • Set in a magical fantasy world that readers will love

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